About us

Xotic Seeds offer many varieties of cannabis seeds. Some of these breeders specialize in offering seeds with a particular sex by the particular features of each kind of cannabis seeds. Currently, we offer:

  • Regular seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Feminized Autoflowering seeds, also known as Automatic seeds

Genetic of the cannabis plant is gathered by different breeders, throughout the world. These breeders make crosses between these plants, in order to achieve specific characteristics in a plant, to stabilize it and then launch it to the market.

Xotic Seeds online store offers a wide range of cannabis seeds from the major seed banks. All kinds of seeds with many different characteristics, production levels, effects, flavors, fragrance, quality, …

Xotic Seeds branded genetics are bred for strength and their xotic characteristics. Xotic Seeds launched their first genetics at the Karma Cup in 2014 Sweet Candy Kush a sugar coated lady, with xotic berry kush fragrance a real gem to add to your collection. Look for new fem strains coming soon!

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