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Bomb Seeds: Berry Bomb fem 5pk


Sex Regular
Type Berry Bomb (10 Regular)
Climate Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time (up to) Medium (75 days)
Height (up to) High (Over 1m)
Yield (per m2) Low (350g/m2)

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Berry Bomb really makes the most out of her legacy passed down to her by her mother Blueberry and her father Bomb #1. Berry Bomb is suited for cultivation in greenhouses, indoors and outdoors and not only novice growers will welcome the fact that she has a good resistance to mold. This Indica dominant variety is the perfect choice for the ScrOG method, but if you decide to bring her up outdoors you will be surprised – she exhibits an explosive growth and can become a huge plant, a trait owed to her daddy. In an indoor set-up Berry Bomb stays at a manageable height of 90-140cm and requires only 6-8 weeks to develop very large and super resinous flower clusters. Outdoors the time for harvesting has come by end of September/early October – when exposed to lower temperatures she shows a beautiful play of colors in which the buds take on pink/lilac/purple hues, a trait owed to her mommy. Berry Bomb is an excellent choice for commercial growers, for she delivers harvests in the range of 500-600g/m². Connoisseurs will be pleased as well because she boasts with a mouth-watering aroma and flavor of sweet berries and a high potency – 15-20% of the harvested fruits are pure THC. Smoking Berry Bomb weed triggers a nicely balanced high, the brain takes a ride on the roller-coaster of euphoria and inspiration while the body enjoys the liberation from tension and pain.

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