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Chempie is our new triple hybrid. Its genetic line is (Cherry Pie x Chemdawg) x do-si-dos. A new genetic pool where you can find your unique phenotype among the most advanced varieties of the moment.

This variety reacts positively to the FIM pruning, producing long arms that will equip its height in the high zone. It is advisable to prune lower branches.

During the flowering period Chempie has a production of very long and thin pistils that will give rise to large clusters of broad and compact flowers.

Its flowering time is 60 days, although given its genetic condition can have variations of a week.

    60% Sativa / 40% Indica
    60/65 days
    Mid October
    Strong / Socia

1 review for Ripper Seeds: Chempie fem 5pk

  1. Matt

    I initially researched all 3 strains that make up this beautiful plant. I’m a beginner grower and decided to give this one a try. She was a short girl for a long while but once I switched to flower, she quickly outgrew the other strains in the tent. I harvested an 1.25oz dry. Not a huge amount but I can blame that on my experience. To the touch she is very sticky! She also smelled incredible. Super dense nugs! Through the curing her taste changes into a very prominent citrus lemon taste with some chem.i have allowed this strain to cure and age. The longer the age the better it gets. After about 2 months of waiting I decided to finally give it a try. All I can say is WHOO WEE! It starts of with a strong sativa presence. Too much of it will leave your body buzzing. A happy strain packed with energy for social outings. Once it mellows, you get hit by the indica in it. Very relaxed (almost mellow) high. My brother is a veteran smoker and he can’t praise this strain enough.One of those strains you should grow and put away a little to break out on random occasions.

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