TGA: Space Bomb


Sex Regular
Type Space Bomb
Climate Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time (up to) Medium (56 Days)
Height (up to) Medium (50-100cm)
Yield (per m2) Medium (400g/m2)

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Space Bomb is the descendant of a strain TGA Subcool kept in his repertoire for a long time, but never used it for breeding, although he claims that it is one of his favorite plants. The talk is of Tiny Bomb, a strain only available as clone that somehow became very sought after. And now, 4 years after finding this rare phenotype of the bigger Space Queen, he decided to take it to the laboratory and back-crossed it with a male Space Queen to create a new variety. To judge the outcome using only a single word: BINGO!
The result of the breeding process is a tall and nicely branching plant with average yields. But quantity does not equal quality, so don’t even think about turning her down before trying her at least once. Space Bomb occurs in two phenotypes and both reflect traits of the preceding varieties Cinderella 99 and Romulan in slight variations. The Sativa influence slightly outweighs the Indica, but with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica they are almost on par.
To get the most out of Space Bomb, you should give her plenty of room to develop her root system and top her early to allow for her to grow into a plant with several lateral branches. You will be truly amazed at how fast a plant with Sativa dominance can reach full maturity – Space Bomb requires only 45-55 days to complete its flowering period and to develop beautiful flower clusters full of resin. Roughly 14% of your harvest will be pure THC and smoking Space Bomb buds will leave you more than satisfied if you enjoy the combined effects of both Sativa and Indica.
The more Indica dominant phenotype does not produce super hard, dense buds, but they are however nice and firm. The smoke will take your mind straight to the clouds at first. With every rip you take the Sativa effect gets stronger, but after about half an hour after smoking the cerebral effect slowly tapers off and a more relaxing, cruising along feeling gains the upper hand and you feel just right and yet you will be eager to do something. It is a very nice 50/50 mix of Indica and Sativa high. The taste of the smoke is Lemon with an aftertaste of Melon on the exhale, alongside with undertones of hash and spice.
The more Sativa phenotype has a beautiful melon aroma. The smoke has the taste of melon, followed by a lingering lemon after taste. The undertones of hash and spice is present as well, but the high is more social and more suitable for stoners with a crush on the lighter kick and less of the “stoned” feeling. It is the perfect smoke for the first rip in the morning and daytime smoke as well. The buds of this phenotype are a bit airier and fluffier.

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