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5 Common CBD Myths

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has often been stigmatized due to its close association with marijuana. However, it’s important to understand that CBD and marijuana are distinct in their chemical composition and effects. Unfortunately, misinformation and a lack of understanding have contributed to the confusion surrounding CBD. This has resulted in many misconceptions about CBD’s effects, such as its association with addiction or mental health issues. To help clarify the facts, we have debunked five common myths surrounding CBD, including the misconception that CBD and medical marijuana are the same.

1. CBD hemp oil and medical marijuana are the same:

One common misconception about CBD is that it is the same as medical marijuana. However, while both are derived from the cannabis plant, CBD and medical marijuana are distinct in their chemical composition and the way they are used. CBD is a specific cannabinoid extracted from cannabis, whereas medical marijuana may contain varying levels of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s important to understand these distinctions to avoid confusion and misinformation about the use and effects of CBD.

2. CBD will make you high

CBD does not induce any mind-altering effects as it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It will not get you high even if it is sourced from the Cannabis sativa plant. Even if you take more than the recommended CBD dosage, you won’t get high.

Conversely, thanks to its anti-anxiety properties, the compound could actually calm you down. The “high” effect linked with marijuana, is absent in CBD.


3. CBD oil is illegal

While CBD oil itself is legal in many places, the legality of THC-containing cannabis oil varies depending on the jurisdiction. In some places, cannabis is legal for medicinal or recreational use, and THC-containing oils may be available through licensed dispensaries. However, in other places, cannabis is illegal in all forms, including oils containing THC. It’s important to check the laws in your specific location to ensure that you are purchasing and using CBD products legally. Additionally, it’s worth noting that some CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC, which could result in a positive drug test or legal issues in places where THC is prohibited. It’s always best to research the laws and regulations regarding CBD and THC in your area before using these products.

4. CBD hemp oil results in a hangover.

CBD oil will not leave you needing headache medications or complaining about your activities the last night. Actually, the use of it commonly brings about remedies for symptoms you were wishing to treat that are not a result of a hangover.

5. CBD is only safe for adults

While there are certain age limitations on marijuana in some jurisdictions with legal recreational marijuana, CBD oil that is actually without THC is harmless for any age. It has a number of health benefits for children and as mentioned above, it is not psychoactive. Some research even encourages the use of CBD to minimize the frequency of epilepsy seizures among children.

Oxford University’s Department of Pharmacology staff Dr. Leslie Iverson said that CBD will not induce side effects after continuous use for a long period of time and is even safer than aspirin.  Nonetheless, despite the fact that there is research demonstrating that the compound is harmless for kids, you must always speak with your physician prior to providing your child with CBD oil.

Only recently has investigations on CBD become more frequent and extensive, a lot of individuals come with old wives’ tales regarding the compound. Nevertheless, researchers have verified that CBD is a risk-free and highly effective remedy for numerous health problems provided that it’s utilized correctly. In case you’re thinking about taking CBD, you must do your research thoroughly, so you avoid being misguided by the several myths and mistaken beliefs.