Autoflower Blueberry Seeds


Strain Characteristics
Breeder/Brand Auto Berry Blue
Genetics Hybrid with lineage in Afghani and Thai landrace strains.
Pack Size 4 Seeds
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized
THC Content 24%
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 7-9 weeks

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Autoflower Blueberry Seeds

The Blueberry strain seeds has precisely the flavour profile that you just would expect with a strain of this name. If you’re someone who doesn’t just like the typical cannabis taste then give this strain an attempt, it could change your mind. to feature to the delectable flavour, this strain is additionally renowned for its calming and relaxing buzz. Among medical marijuana patients, it’s a top medicine for helping with treating neuropathic pain.

Blueberry Strain Seeds | Autoflower Feminized

 Strain Genetics Hybrid with lineage in Afghani and Thai landrace strains.
 Strain Dominant Mostly Indica – Indica 80% – Sativa 20%
 THC Content  19- 24%
 CBD Content 0.26%
 Flowering Time 7-9 weeks / October
 Flowering Type Auto-flowering
 Yield  425-475g/sq meter indoors / 550-675g/plant outdoors
 Best to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

Of all the varied cannabis strains on the market, there are varying levels of strain complexity. There are weed strains with intricate taste and smell profiles that somehow resemble a dozen various things at the identical time, and there are simple, one-note flavoured strains. Blueberry auto-flower is the latter of those terpene profiles with a powerful blueberry smell and flavour.

With a protracted and vibrant history that culminates in winning the Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000 Blueberry auto-flower is world-famous, for both its simple yet elegant flavour and for its deeply relaxing effects.

Let’s take a look at this flavourful cannabis strain, both its history and its terpene profile.

What Is the Blueberry Cannabis Strain?

Blueberry is often an easy-to-find strain and quite common at your local dispensary. It doesn’t have a cool and memorable name and features a very obvious taste outcome. This simple strain, however, has become a world-renowned highly potent Indica.

Blueberry was created within the 1970s when American Cannabis breeder DJ Short was crossbreeding landrace strains. These wild strains that developed and evolved within the wild were the genetic beginnings of the blueberry strain we enjoy today. He finalized the blueberry genetics and named it for its potent blueberry flavour.

There are loads of Blueberry auto-flower mixes out there, plus different phenotypes of these strains that have changed the cannabinoid profile and altered the taste. Blueberry auto-flower may be a strain that’s bred everywhere on the planet with ancient and new genetics, given this fact, there’s an unlimited disparity between individual breeders.

This wide array of phenos among breeders tends to happen when crossbreeding with landrace strains, especially cannabis seeds as popular as Blueberry. It tastes like freshly cooked blueberries, you’ll be confident of what strain you have got, whether or not it’s slightly different.

Though Blueberry auto-flower is typically classified as an Indica, it’s actually a hybrid strain with Afghan and Thai genetics. It’s an 80% Indica heritage that’s offset a bit by the 20% Sativa content. This Sativa content helps to steer the Blueberry auto-flower strain off from being a wholly couch-locking strain.

Blueberry Auto Strain Effects

The initial effect of consuming the Blueberry auto strain could be a wave of relaxation that may hit you quite quickly. Known for feeling the buzz from the first drag, blueberry will induce a sensation of heaviness to your body. As a mostly Indica hybrid cannabis strain, blueberry auto can also induce mild disorientation for the first-time smoker.

You can anticipate your mood elevated and be a touch sleepy in the same session smoking blueberry. That being said it’s not so impactful that you simply run the danger of passing out completely. Refill your munchies cabinet after you buy this strain, you won’t want to travel or cook after consuming blueberry.

Blueberry Strain Seeds Grow Info

The Blueberry strain seeds will excel when grown outside due to their landrace heritage. Its parents grew up and evolved within the mountains of Afghanistan, giving it the flexibility to thrive in colder temperatures and lower humidity.

If you are restricted to grow Blueberry outdoors, try to premix the soil with organic nutrients before you even germinate your seeds. A super soil makes it easier for both you and your plant. It allows for cannabis seedlings to start absorbing maximum nutrients straight away, and you don’t should feed them as often later.

As with many Indica plants, enhanced yields may be attained with some early topping. This process involves snipping the plant at the very top of the new growth in a trial to encourage the expansion of the lower auxiliary branches. this may expand your plant horizontally and increase the quantity of larger buds.

With a flowering time of around 8 weeks and a high tolerance for growing climate variances, Blueberry could be a very easy strain to grow. As this plant is growing confirm to prune it and top up the soil with some organic bat guano and worm castings. Provides it with some basic care and it’ll reward you may high yields of high potency blueberry flavoured bliss.

You can expect THC levels as high as 23.5%, making this cannabis strain a potent Indica strain.


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