Autoflower Chem OG Seeds


Strain Characteristics
Brand Auto Chem OG
Genetics Chem OG seeds x Lowryder seeds
Pack Size 4 Seeds
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized
THC Content 25%
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 55-60 days

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Autoflower Chem OG Seeds

Autoflower Chem OG seeds – a Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Here to bring back that old-favorite flavour is the Autoflower Chem OG!

The Auto Chem OG is a fusion of the classic cannabis phenos that are so prevalent throughout America crossed with a low Ryder autoflowering strain to bring out the auto growing traits.

Flowering in mere 55-60 days, you’ll be able to expect the Auto flower Chem Fuel OG to provide a compact, resinous plant that has the infamous fuel/chem smell and taste.

Experience the OG for yourself and understand why these chem genetics became a mainstay in many enthusiasts’ gardens.

Sex Feminized
Strain Genetics Chem OG seeds x Lowryder seeds
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 55-60 days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / Flavor Fuel
Effect Euphoric, Focused, Stimulant

Chem OG Seeds Strain Review

OG Chem also referred to as “Chemdog OG,” “Chem OG,” and “Chemdawg OG” is a Sativa Hybrid cannabis strain crossed between two legendary strains: Chemdawg and OG Kush. The diesel notes of Chemdawg combine with the sour, piney scent of OG Kush to form a pungent skunky aroma that fills the area. Uplifting and euphoric, OG Chem invites the mind to love its creative side while elevating the mood to a light-weight and carefree state. Medical marijuana patients use OG Chem to treat symptoms related to stress and fatigue.

It boasts a brilliantly happy and uplifted high that leaves you upbeat and energetic for hours on end without causing anxiety, all powered by an insanely high THC level that bottoms out at about 20%. The high hits you initially with an imaginative boost that lifts your mood and infuses you with artistic inspiration and therefore the desire to make anything that involves the mind. You will be incredibly euphoric as this high builds, yet somehow completely relaxed.

These effects give OG Chem a good advantage in treating conditions like chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and mood swings. This bud contains a super strong chemical diesel stench which will definitely make some users gag. The flavour isn’t quite as intense, although it does have a strong ammonia overtone that’s grounded by a taste of fresh earth. OG Chem buds have airy light green nugs with dark leaves, bright orange hairs, and a frosty thick coating of milky white crystal trichomes.


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