Durban Poison Seeds


Strain Characteristics
Breeder/Brand Durban Poison
Genetics African Landrace
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
THC Content 22%+
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 9 -10 weeks

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Durban Poison Seeds | Feminized Photoperiod

Why should I buy Durban Poison seeds?

A classic landrace strain, a completely proven cornerstone cannabis variety. An extremely hardy and tough marijuana plant that is easy to grow. It will impress and fill your grow room with tons of lateral branching with heavy buds ensuring very good yields. Its heavily resinous Sativa buds with their own unique terpene profile will have your growing Durban poison seeds every grow cycle.

What does Durban Poison taste like?

Durban Poison is a Sativa cannabis strain with a unique, alluring aroma. It’s known for its hazy flavor with hints of licorice and cloves. This complex scent is one of the reasons why Durban Poison has such a large number of repeat growers.

Durban Poison Appearance

The flowers of Durban Poison are quite thick for a Sativa strain that normally have airy buds. Cultivators of this strain can expect vigorous growth of the lateral branches and lots of them. Most phenotypes of these seeds have the tendency to stretch immensely, so purchase with caution if you have height restrictions in your grow room.

Growing Durban Poison

Durban Poison is suitable for all growing environments and thrives outdoors and in a grow tent.  Durban Poison seeds originated in South Africa and were inbred many times in the 70s. Outdoors the strain can reach heights above 3m and stretch a great deal, so some form of plant support system will be necessary.

Durban Poison plants are ready to harvest after 8- 9 weeks of flowering.

How to grow Durban Poison seeds

We recommend a shorter vegetation cycle compared to Indica’s when growing indoors. If you’re cultivating these plants outdoors you may have to do some topping or lots of plant supports for the heavy flowers.  This Sativa strain tends to stretch a great deal, frequently tripling in size once in flower.

A vegetation period of 3 to 4 weeks should be sufficient to get decent-sized plants. When growing in a tent its recommended to use fewer plants and more low-stress training to maximize the growing space. When growing Durban Poison outside, make sure there’s extra growing space available because this plant can take over your entire plot!

Its stems are tough and durable and can easily be bent without the threat of breaking. During the early flowering cycle is it recommend to do some trimming and tucking to expose flowering sites. The flowering time will run about  8 to 9 weeks and combined with the recommended veg phase it’ll take around 11- 13 weeks from seed to harvest.

Durban Poison effects

Durban Poison gained its fame worldwide due to its Sativa effects. It delivers a strong, uplifting, and energizing effect. A perfect daytime cannabis strain to help you stay productive and complete creative tasks. It will boost your mood and help you to face the outside world without feeling self-conscious or paranoid. The initial effect of a burst of energy can be followed by sedative effects if you consume large quantities. The Sativa high is relatively long-lasting.


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