Granddaddy Purps Seeds


Strain Characteristics
Breeder/Brand Granddaddy Purple Seeds
Genetics Big Bud X Purple Urkle
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular Male and Female Seeds
THC Content 20-27%
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 8 weeks

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Granddaddy Purps Seeds | Regular Photoperiod

Granddaddy Purps Seeds – The purps – GDP – Granddaddy purple
GDP seeds could be a hugely popular Indica cross between Purple Urkle and the hugely popular BC Big Bud. This exotic Indica cross exudes a berry and candy aroma. It had been Purple Urkle who was the one to pass down this genetic gift while the BC Big Bud passes on its massive, dense yields.

The flowers are slightly purple that is still quite visible after drying and curing. It also shows off a thick layer of White Trichome Resin.

Grand Daddy Purps has a unique strain profile, skunky fruity goodness, and a fast flowering period making it one of the most effective Indica strain seeds to shop for. You’ll be able to swank its exceptional bag appeal to any or all of your friends and make them drool with envy.

Granddaddy Purps Seeds Strain Profile

 Strain Genetics  Purple Urkle X BC Big Bud
 Strain Dominant  Indica 80% – Sativa 20%
 THC Content  20- 27%
 CBD Content  1%
 Flowering Time  7-8 Weeks
 Flowering Type  Photoperiod
 Yield  Indoor 600 gr/m² /  2kg per plant or more!
 May Relieve  Arthritis, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Lack of Appetite, Chronic Pain
 Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor

This colourful strain has taken the cannabis world by storm although it had humble beginnings in a geographical region known for its cannabis culture. First made in California by the famous cannabis breeder Ken Estes –  it absolutely was no surprise that his almost cult following would make the strain world famous.
Skip ahead to now, and Granddaddy Purps weed has become not only a favourite in California but also a worldwide weed icon. Sitting on the highest shelf of most high-quality cannabis dispensaries, this Indica-dominant strain has become a favourite seed to grow for a few of the world’s most seasoned cultivators.

What Is the Granddaddy Purps Cannabis Strain?

Classified as an important Indica cannabis strain, Granddaddy Purple inherits its name and traits from its parents – also well-known Indica’s BC Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Granddaddy purps as its also called gets its sweet aroma from the Purple Urkle strain, while BC Big Bud passes down its dense and thick flower structure. Although it’s mostly Indica genetics, it does have a bit of Sativa mixed in, with an 80% Indica, 20% Sativa ratio.

Its best trait, of course, is Granddaddy Purple’s THC content: tests have this strain delivering a mean THC percentage of 20-27%.

If you’re looking to provide a cannabis crop that’ll relax you, get you super high, and leave you feeling euphoric all at the identical time, then Granddaddy purps is not any doubt an important seed that you just must get your little green thumbs on.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

To say that the bag appeal of GDP is awesome would be a massive understatement. There’s a reason why GDP has become one of the foremost sought-after purple-coloured cannabis strains in the world. It’s a cult following of those who idolize its vibrant colours and exotic candy-like flavour.

To generalize the aroma of Granddaddy purps is nice and citrusy, with earthy undertones. It also gives the user slight glimpses of grapes and other juicy fruits. Your taste buds are going to be immediately treated to tangs of grape, and berries.

The appearance of those massive and densely packed buds just makes this strain one to behold. Its bright green leaves are decorated with reminder orange and purple making it one among the foremost attractive strains to grow.

And don’t dump the thick crystalline trichome layer that produces it appears as if a fresh layer of sugar has fallen upon the buds.

 Granddaddy Purps Seeds | Grow Info

Most growers have said that cultivating Granddaddy Purple is fairly easy, but not recommended for your first cannabis grow. The most challenge growers encounter with Granddaddy purple is maintaining a low humidity environment. These levels shouldn’t exceed 50% during flowering. Aside from this growing restriction, GDP is of course resilient to mould, pests, mildew, and diseases.

This strain is grown outside or indoors, but it requires a well-ventilated space to excel. The seeds strain is of the Indica strain variety, so it’s shorter and densely bushy, making it great for smaller spaces. When grown outdoors, GDP likes a warm, sunny climate, with harvest usually happening around mid-October.

The flowering time for Granddaddy purps ranges from 8 to 10 weeks. Thanks to its BC Big Bud heritage, it’s over normal Indica plant yields coming in at around 19 ounces per plant outdoors, and 17 ounces per area unit inside. If you’re only growing only for large yields and like Indica cannabis then GDP is the option to make.


Up first after your first couple of puffs are going to be a sense of relaxation spreading throughout your body. You may feel heavy and wish to sink into the couch. This is often then followed by an uplifting cerebral high that may leave you feeling euphoric.

Granddaddy Purple like all cannabis has a number of everyday “stoner” traits that are so widely talked about. A case of the Munchies and couch-lock are the two most talked-about Indica traits that this strain delivers in abundance. These intense effects help to create one of the simplest strains for handling sleep deprivation or appetite loss.


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