Orange Zkittlez Seeds | Feminized


Strain Characteristics
Breeder/Brand Dagga Seeds
Genetics Agent Orange X Zkittlez
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
THC Content 20-26%
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 9 weeks

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Orange Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

What Strain is Orange Zkittlez?
Orange Zkittlez Seeds is a hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its Intense Orange citrusy flavor and aroma. It is a cross between two popular strains, Zkittlez and Agent Orange. This strain is prized for its high THC content, which can range from 20% to 28%. As a result, Orange Zkittlez is popular among users looking for a potent, relaxing high. The effects of this strain can include a feeling of euphoria and happiness, as well as increased creativity and relaxation. Orange Zkittlez is also known for its ability to help manage stress and relieve pain, making it a popular choice for medical patients.
Orange Zkittlez in Full Bloom
Breeder Dagga Seeds
Sex Feminized
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Variety Hybrid
Strain Genetics Agent Orange X Zkittlez Strain
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Outdoor
Harvest Month Indoor: 8-9 weeks / Outdoor: Mid-October
THC Content Very High 28%
Aroma Oranges

Is Orange Zkittlez easy to grow?

How long does Orange Zkittlez take to grow?

Orange Zkittlez seeds are considered to be a relatively easy strain to grow, particularly for those who have some prior experience growing cannabis.

This strain is known for its fast flowering time, with buds ready for harvest in just 8-9 weeks. Orange Zkittlez is also known for its resilience and resistance to common pests and diseases, which makes it a good choice for growers who are just starting out. However, it is still important to provide the plant with proper nutrition and a controlled environment in order to maximize yields and potency.

Overall, Orange Zkittlez can be a great choice for growers who want an exotic cannabis seed strain that is easy to grow and produces high-quality buds with a delicious flavor and aroma. Just keep in mind that the specific conditions and needs of your grow will depend on many factors, such as the size of your grow setup, the climate, and the amount of light and nutrients your plants receive.



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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 9 cm


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